8 do anywhere (and do forever) exercises.

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You know often keeping it simple, is the smartest way to go. You can try to do tricky exercises and join bootcamps and flog yourself in an 8 week transformation challenge, but if you are looking for long term success, then the simple routine you stick with is going to win.

I think there is a lot in the idea of choosing exercises and habits that you can see yourself still doing when you are 90. Who doesn’t want quality living in the latter years of their life or even now for that matter?

This series of exercises are very simple but very effective and the great thing is, you don’t need any equipment.

All you need is you and a good attitude 🙂

Click the link below and start receiving these exercises, one per day for the next 8 days. Let me know what you think too.

Warning: Only do exercises that you know are okay for you based on doctors or other allied health professionals recommendations.

8 do anywhere exercises

p.w. You could definitely come and see us as well to help get this habit instilled and to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly too, since we are, without trying to be too modest, your best option from the plethora of choices of the “Personal Trainer Brisbane” search term. All Best Practice Fitness Coaches are university qualified in exercise science which is the future minimum qualification for someone taking the important task of guiding you to better health, safely.

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