As Winter approaches even the best plans can come unstuck and the most dedicated amongst us can be posed some pretty serious questions as resolve to keep training consistently is tested.

So what are my top 7 tips?

1. Set a goal for the Winter months. If you don’t define what you are after you won’t know if you achieved what you want!

2. Pick a time a day to exercise that works for your body clock and stick to the routine. See my other post on rituals et al.

3. Take solace in movement not chocolate.

4. Number 3 not withstanding, a bit of chocolate won’t kill you! I don’t have to tell you how it can lift your mood.

5. Think about all the times you have got to the end of Winter and panicked. Resolve to come out the other side, fit and fantastic because of the plan you instigated in June!

6. Book yourself in to an event like the Bridge to Brisbane and train with a buddy. You mightn’t think twice about letting yourself down but most people won’t leave somebody else standing out on the street in the cold waiting for them.

7. Aim to learn something new this Winter. Engaging the brain in learning something new is a great stimulus for a brain that could just want to hibernate. There are too many things to learn in one life time but give it your best shot to whittle down that bucket list.

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