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YES! I would like to trial this for $1
*Strictly Limited Numbers

Saturday, February 15th
8.00 am at 49 Allison St Bowen Hills. Upstairs
Only 20 Spots Available
Join our supportive community and set yourself up for a great year of health and fitness!
Here's How it Will Work...
  • Let's say you decide to give it a go and start your $1 trial...
    If you decide after 1 week to continue then you will only invest $297 to stay on the 6 week challenge. (Please note this program is normally valued at $738)
  • If you feel that this program is not a good fit for you after 1 week, we will not bill you for the program and we will even refund you your $1. Sound fair?
6 Week Challenge Program Details
  • Kick off is Saturday Feb 15th at  8:00am
  • You set 2 goals, 1 exercise and 1 nutritional with our help
  • First time challengers receive 1 X 45min 121 personal training session early in the program 
  • 16 small group sessions weekly. You can do as many as you want. We will guide you with this and advise you on the best program to meet your goal and individual needs
  • Daily educational material delivered via our App helping you stay focused
  • Individual tracking using unique "My Zone" to help keep you accountable
  • Coaches provide regular personal feedback to make sure you achieve your goal
  • Private facebook group with a supportive, like minded group
Don't Take Our Word For It...
Check out what previous participants are saying...
"The big thing for me was cutting out the processed carbs, that was my thing..."
"My results were that I lost 5.5 cm from around my waist...!"
"I was carrying post pregnancy weight and I needed an impetus..."
"Having the accountability of booking sessions, having to show up. Knowing you will be calling if I don't..."
STOP!  So, Is This Going To hurt?
  • Do you do crazy boot-camp type exercises as I am not ready for that trust me?

  • Is there going to be some kind of starvation diet you put us on?

What can I expect........?
You choose what you are ready for
This is not a 1 size fits all program. You can be a rank beginner to the health and fitness thing or experienced. You are just looking for a boost and this is it
Small group training with many different options
We have both morning and evening sessions with a good mix of cardiovascular training and strength work with special focus on matching exercises to your level
Online support and learnings with coaching accountability
We have systems to help you implement the type of nutritional change you are prepared to commit to
Frequently Asked Questions
Here Are A Few FAQs That We Often Get Asked...
Is this full of posers?

One of our core values is 'down to earth'. That describes us but also the clients we attract. We don't have mirrors!

Am I guaranteed to lose weight?

We are really big on setting 'process' goals (e.g committing to 3 training sessions a week), which means things you do which will give you the best chance to achieve 'outcome' goals (like losing a few kgs).

What is the full challenge cost if I decide to stay on after the $1 trial?

When paid in full the your investment is $297 (normally valued at $738). If you decide it is not for you then you will pay nothing and we will even refund your $1

Do we train as a group every week?
You will have the opportunity to train in any of our group classes and you are likley to see other challenge participants in those classes plus our regular members. Most group interaction is going to be at the beginning of the challenge when we all meet but most interaction will be via our private facebook group. But we will also all meet up at the very end of the challenge when we do a final de-brief and celebrate those who have achieved great results. Hopefully that will be you!
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