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I just want to eat better!

Starts June 29, 2020









  • You know you need to eat better but you are pretty confused about what to do

  • You love the idea about finally understanding what is healthy

  • You don't want someone to dictate to you that you MUST eat this and NOT eat that
  • If you know how powerful it can be to make a commitment to yourself and to others......


Then this challenge is for you!

Challengers from 2019.....They're a happy bunch but not that socially distanced!

How it works this time:

  • My Zone is a great addition to this challenge and is highly recommended. My Zone is a stand alone heart rate monitoring system that helps hold everyone accountable to activity because of it's unique tracking and recording capability.  Check out this video. You will see My Zone up top in the left hand corner of the screen. Or check this video  for a more in depth look at it. My Zone is how we track intensity but also we can SEE the sessions you do when you are not with us. It is the ultimate accountability tool.
  • We meet as a group via Zoom on a Monday evening at 7.00pm with two common and simple habits to focus on - To eat 'better' in general and either increase weekly exercise to a minimum of 3 formal sessions or improve what you are currently doing. You will get to meet the others and make a commitment together. We will be helping you work on your diet approach as an individual. Everyone will be at a different level so the way forward will be different for everyone. We are here to educate and support that process.
  • You will have access to all normal small group training sessions - 6 to choose from each week. 
  • You will be part of a private 6 week "I want to eat better" Challenge Facebook Group (this is going to be a big part of this challenge as we won't be meeting weekly like in previous challenges) 
  • Weekly coach interaction via My zone, facebook and personal messages (text or calls). Accountability!
  • For new clients there is a 1 X 60 min Zoom PT session bonus ($165 value). 


What you can expect:

  • Motivational support and encouragement from us and the other participants
  • Improved mindset coming from the process and educational materials
  • A better understanding that the biggest result you can get is a LIFETIME habit of better eating and exercise off the back of this challenge
  • Feeling better from day 1. When training is done right, you should feel energised after a session, not exhausted


Total value of the program is $500+

  • Non members - pay $199. If you are a current client, it is a one off $99

Ready to do this?

Reserve your place in the challenge by making payment below - choose the category that applies to you. Click the pricing box and there is a drop down of options.

If you have any questions at all I am available on 0416 116 682.

You simply make the secure payment below to reserve your spot (you don't need to have a Pay Pal account to pay). We will be in contact straight after with all the details. 

100% money back guarantee that if you sign up and take part and don't like what we do, you get your payment back. No problem! IF YOU HAVE ALREADY SPOKEN TO US AND ARE READY TO GO, YOU CAN PAY RIGHT HERE USING PAY PAL OR CREDIT CARD. 

1What is My Zone and why do I need it?
It is a heart rate (effort) monitor. It allows us to keep you safe exercising because we can see your heart rate when you are in the studio. You can also monitor it using your phone when out of the studio. It is the single best accountability tool we have seen and we have used it for years. We have many clients who do not train with us at the studio but are in our community on My Zone in other states and even countries. You will use it going forward whether you stay training with us in our studio or not. You are however protected by a money back guarantee too though.
2Is this going to be hard for me? I haven't trained for years
This Challenge is about helping every participant based no matter where they are starting from. We think most people have trouble with consuming too much sugar, so that is a goal of the program but equally pretty much everyone needs to improve the habit of exercise and even if it is just walking, our goal will be to help you build the habit of at least 3 formal exercise sessions a week, more if you are ready for it.
3Is there a guarantee?
The guarantee is that you will feel like the 6 week challenge has been very worthwhile by the end (or your money back), regardless of your physical outcome or change. There are so many benefits to eating better and exercising better that go beyond losing body fat and 'toning up'. But if you do the program well you can definitely expect that too.
4Where are you?
49 Allison St Bowen Hills. There is a map below!

Phone now and have a chat if you have any questions. Remember, we are only taking 20 people! - 3854 0386

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