6 Week
Outdoor Strength Training Course

Finally learn how to do a safe strength training routine!

2 locations - Dorrington Park, Ashgrove and Kalisto Cafe, Wavell Heights

Perfect Timing....

For those dropping off kids to school, for those with flexible work schedules, students, retirees.....

If Covid Shutdowns Happen Again...

This course will have you prepared to carry on training well from home.
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9.30am to 10.15am

Perfect time for those who work for themselves, mums and retirees.

Get Outdoors

No worries about Social Distancing, it's easy to do in the fresh breezes of Dorrington Park, Ashgrove.

10 People Only

A small and intimate group means you will be coached in good technique and learn a skill that you can take with you.

"Strength training is something that I know I 'need' to do. I am actually pretty good with cardio training as I play a fair bit of team sports, but strength training requires a lot more focus on technique, which I don't know enough about. I thought If I can learn this I will be able to do sessions like what I learnt, at home going forward. The long term benefits of strength training are big for me as I know I don't want osteoporosis and 'seeing' muscle tone is never a 'side effect' I will argue with :)"
Fiona Greene

Where to find us


We provide what is needed. We use adjustable dumb bells and resistance bands, both of which you will be encouraged to own at some point so you can carry on what you learn at home. This will be especially important should there be more shut downs 🙁

We will look after you because part of the coaching process is assessing what movements you can do safely and when you can’t we will show you how to modify it so it is.

The sessions can be as hard as you want them to be. The coach is not going to be shouting at anybody to ‘go harder’. He or she will be encouraging but don’t expect the drill sargeant or artificial high fiving and the stuck on impossible smiling thing 🙂 Don’t know about you but I hate that! There are many fitness businesses already that do that, we prefer down to earth, real without the razzamatazz.

I will be honest with you here as I should! All exercise has the potential to help you lose weight but it is probably more fat loss you are meaning. The bottom line is you can’t out train the wrong diet for you but exercise has many other benefits beyond the body beautiful. If that is your main focus then nutrition coaching and or personal training might be for you. Besides all that, this program is more about coaching you how to do strength training rather than ‘training’ for the sake of training per se.

This is a great program for setting you up for that, long term. Remember that a good diet must support your exercise training to have maximum positive results which also transpire over time.

It is $149 for 6 weeks.

We push out the program an extra week so you get 6 sessions completed for the cost of the program.

This course has been designed to teach you and or reinforce how to do all the strength moves needed for a better level of whole body strength. If there is enough interested beyond the 6 weeks, we will likely offer continued weekly ‘training’ but always with an emphasis on safe and proper technique for each individual

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