Our 6 Week

Nothing Extreme, Not Perfect....Just Better!

Our Next Challenge Is Taking Applications


This is for a tight knit group of 20 people only!

Starting soon...

9:00am at 157 Abbotsford Road
Bowen Hills. This is a perfect mid Winter program so you come out the other end ready to enjoy the warmer months, feeling and looking great.

Progress Tracking

Stay accountable through weekly measurements and MyZone performance tracking. We will begin with an option In-body Analysis and re-measure again at the end.

Who is it for?

This program is not just for those wanting to lose body fat. It is for anyone who thinks they need to accelerate their results by lifting their standard of training be it quality or quantity, for fitness, stress management or yes fat loss.

"This 6-week challenge transformed our whole family"
Tim & Fiona Greene

Other 6 Week Success Stories

Where to find us


We have built this group program to fit those who are new to exercise, haven’t exercised in a while or just aren’t wanting to do high intensity training every single time they do a session. Your safety is a top priority.

Similar answer to above. We will find out all about you before you participate and make sure you only do what is good for you. 

The sessions can be as hard as you want them to be. The coach is not going to be shouting at anybody to ‘go harder’. He or she will be encouraging but don’t expect the drill sargeant or artificial high fiving and the stuck on impossible smiling thing 🙂 Don’t know about you but I hate that! There are many fitness businesses already that do that, we prefer down to earth and real without the razzamatazz.

This approach would be nice but the reality is that everyone has different schedules so it is impossible to arrange that. But we will be encouraging everyone with in the group to make the Saturday morning session and seminar afterwards so we can keep the feeling of cohesion and common purpose. Beside that, it’s more fun!

There has been a tendency with the ‘challenge’ phenomena to promise 20kg fat loss in 6 weeks and other such extreme claims. I am not saying it is not possible but we see the 6 week challenge more as a kickstart on a life-long approach to exercise and healthier eating or a step in either quantity or quality of training for those who need a boost. We won’t be encouraging extremes of anything!

The cost of the challenge not including exercise classes is $199.

My zone is our heart rate and effort monitoring system. It is a great stand alone tool to help keep you accountable. We offer a full 100% refund if you try it for 2 weeks and don’t like it. It will be useful way beyond your time with us as the unique gamifcation of exercise keeps you committed in an ingenious way.