Nice work on taking action
Your Intentions Are Noted!
We'll be in touch via phone confirming we got your form telling us you want in and we will also have a chat about your goals for the challenge

If all looks good from your side and ours, we will be sending a link to make payment to confirm your place in the 20.

Request to join our private Facebook group right now by going to this link The 6 Week Challenge

Start writing down your goals that you want to achieve and consider sharing this in the group. A public declaration can really help keep you honest!
Maybe -1 Exercise Goal and 1 Nutritional goal for the program.

We can't wait to see you and help you finish off the year strong.

Let's Do this!
Anthony Gillespie :-)
Share your news and intention to be fitter and healthier in 2021 with your friends... they will thank you for it :-)

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