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YES! I would like to apply to be 1 of the 20!
*Strictly Limited Numbers

Saturday, February 6th, 2021
9.00 am at 157 Abbotsford Rd Bowen Hills. 
Only 20 Spots Available
Join our supportive community and set yourself up for a great year of health and fitness!
Here's How it Will Work...
  • You apply for the program by clicking one of the orange boxes that says "Yes!"
  • We let you know if you are one of the 20 with in 24 hours.
  • We will call and have a chat about your goals.
  • There are small group training sessions with a maximum of 12 people in Dorrington park, Ashgrove 5 mornings per week and 3 small group sessions indoors at Bowen Hills - there is 1 weekday morning session, 1 evening and 1 Saturday morning session.
  • We will talk about the schedule and which sessions you will commit to, set your personal plan and then register you including pre activity medical and standard insurance forms.
  • You will receive a secure link to make payment. 
  • You will receive an invite to the private facebook group and introduce yourself.
  • If you are brand new to Best Practice (or it's been a while), we will book you in for an assessment session before it all starts, so we know what level of training and effort you are ready for.
  • We meet all together on the kick off date in Bowen Hills studio, do measurements & assessment, a short session and brief chat around how we coach nutrition and what you can expect results wise.
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Tim and Fiona Green Talk About Their Experience With The 6 Week Challenge....
6 Week Challenge Key Details
  • Kick off is Saturday February 6th, 2021 at 9.00am at 157 Abbotsford Rd Bowen Hills
  • Private 6 Week Challenge Facebook Group
  • Weekly training that suits your schedule
  • Daily educational material delivered via our App helping you stay focused
  • Individual tracking using the very unique "My Zone" to help keep you accountable - this tool is optional but highly recommended
  • Coaches provide regular personal feedback via our various online systems to make sure you achieve your goal
  • Weekly zoom nutrition seminar to help keep your eating on track
  • Regular measurements throughout the 6 weeks for those who are seriously focussed on results across this time
Don't Take Our Word For It...
Check out what previous participants are saying...
"The big thing for me was cutting out the processed carbs, that was my thing..."
"My results were that I lost 5.5 cm from around my waist...!"
"It's been quite phenomenal to focus on really good food."
"Having the accountability of booking sessions, having to show up. Knowing you will be calling if I don't..."
The Investment:
The standard cost of the program is $599. Ask how this can be paid in instalments across the 6 weeks. This price includes an initial assessment with the coach, 3 group training sessions per week, access to the purpose built app, which delivers valuable nutrition coaching, a group session in person both at the start and the end and a weekly zoom nutrition seminar. We encourage the optional purchase of the fantastic accountability tool, My Zone. We have discounted it for the challenge to $129. The price to purchase online is $199 +shipping, so there is a significant saving on a training tool that you will use long after the challenge. 
STOP!  So, Is This Going To hurt?
  • Do you do crazy boot-camp type exercises as I am not ready for that trust me?

  • Is there going to be some kind of starvation diet you put us on?

What can I expect........?

You choose what you are ready for
This is not a 1 size fits all program. You can be a rank beginner to the health and fitness thing or experienced. If you are just looking for a boost then, this is it!
Small group training and optional personal training
You choose what amount of training and personal contact you want. Your budget will dictate this. 
Online support and learnings with coaching accountability
We have systems to help you implement the type of nutritional change you are prepared to commit to
Frequently Asked Questions
Here Are A Few FAQs That We Often Get Asked...
Is this full of posers?

One of our core values is 'down to earth'. That describes us but also the clients we attract. We don't have mirrors!

Am I guaranteed to lose weight?

We are really big on setting 'process' goals (e.g committing to 3 training sessions a week), which means the things you do which will give you the best chance to achieve 'outcome' goals (like losing a few kgs). In the end you will get out of this what you put in to it, which is usually no surprise!

What if I am already a client?

The cost is $99 whether you currently do personal training or group training.

Do we train as a group every week?
You will have your schedule set in the beginning after our chat. The group training takes place with in our normal group class schedule. There will be some with in those classes who are regular clients and some who will be 6 week challengers or perhaps both. You will get to know your fellow challengers at the initial kick off, the regular weekly zoom on nutrition, the private facebook group and the end of challenge extravaganza - well a small get together at least :) 
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