5 tips to healthier eating on a day to day basis

It is a confusing world sometimes when it comes to knowing what is healthy to eat. Every time you turn around there seems to be another diet promising the answer to ‘melting’ tummy fat or ‘torching’ five kilos of unwanted body fat fast! Let’s forget the sensationalism and keep it simple.

Top tip no. 1

There is no doubt we live in fast moving times and it can be difficult to hit the pause button but eating slowly will allow your body’s natural ability to pick up the signals of fullness. This signal is what tells you that you have had enough.

Top tip no. 2

Don’t be scared of fat, well at least not healthy fats. What are healthy fats? Think olive oil, avocadoes, nuts, seeds and cold water fish, like sardines and salmon. If you have been on a typical Western diet, a simple step in choosing these foods more often will be a big positive.

Top tip no. 3

Don’t be scared of ‘carbs’ either. At least not the complex, high fibre type – e.g. fruit, starchy vegetables, whole grain foods like spelt, brown rice and quinoa for example (the last one is possibly more protein than carbs but we are getting nit picky now). If you equate carbs with white bread, milk chocolate, coca-cola, orange juice then you are right to be a little apprehensive if not truly afraid! The issue with those kind of carbohydrates is that the body cannot easily detect when you have over-consumed. I don’t really suggest the wholesale banning of anything but yeah those kind of carbs would be well placed in the very rarely eaten category.

Top tip no. 4

Similar to tip number 1, and closely related. Eat to 80% full. It’s hard if you have come from a family that insisted on leaving nothing on the plate because of the ”starving children”. Fair call but just choose a plate size that fulfills this goal of 80% full which will take some experimentation. Choosing smaller plates is a good psychology trick to make you feel like you are not depriving yourself.

Top tip no. 5

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