Why listen to Anthony G?

Besides having run a health and fitness business in a physical location in the form of Best Practice Personal Training since 2005, Anthony has studied and or is qualified with all of the organisations you see below. In summary, 3 degrees from leading Australian universities, certifications in coaching (both professional tennis and nutrition) from respected organisations, An Accreditation in Exercise Physiology and over 16 years running a personal training business in Qld, the Sunshine State in Australia…..

Here's what is covered in your life changing (potentially!) guide....

The simplest thing you can do right now that will guarantee progress from day 1

The specific order in which you should do your 3 things. Get this wrong and you will fail.

Know thyself and you won’t waste any time going down the wrong path

Is your mind is a powerful ally or your worst enemy? A way to circumvent that problem

Finally learn the best way to eat for success. Big promise I know!

Learn what exercise type is highly like to bring you theĀ  fountain of youth.

What happens when you get things right! Clients of our in-person training in Bowen Hills, Brisbane, Australia.

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