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We are down to earth exercise science specialists coaching you to better health, fitness and performance... we work with local residents, busy professionals and business owners who have finally understood that their most valuable asset is their health.

Anthony Gillespie

This Is Why More Busy People Are Choosing Us

Since 2005, Best Practice Personal Training has delivered quality assured fitness training by University Qualified coaches. Not only that, we've invested 13 years developing a holistic, 7 step process to maximise your results.


“life has changed”


Brett Campbell

“I began personal training with Best Practice and the guidance towards a better eating plan combined with the progressive strength training has made all the difference. I feel way more energy now and with over 20kg less weight and 19cm from around my waist gone, I would say the approach has been very successful. I am now aiming to slowly build more muscle and becoming more ‘functionally fit’ as Anthony calls it. After all, who wants to get less useful as you get older. I know I don’t!”


Want results like these?


Michelle Leversedge

Michelle has lost over 43kg off the scales, more than 30 cm off her hips, reduced body fat from over 50% to around 30% and improved her cardiovascular fitness by a whopping 100%!

We’re Different To A Gym Because We Coach You!

Best Practice Delivers 'Smart Training' for people who want to Get Fit Slow - meaning in a sustainable way, with permanent habit change to a healthier lifestyle. When it comes down to it, most of our clients tell us they don't want to 'look like Arnie' or be a 'swimsuit model', they just want to feel better.....but of course looking better is always a welcome by-product!


Functional Movement Screen

All personal training members start with an FMS – functional movement screen so we can assess risk of injury given current assymetries, limited mobility and or stability. We think it’s about quality movement first. We do not want to ‘pile fitness and strength on top of misfunction’, thanks Gray Cook for that! We also run a comprehensive exercise physiology assessment as part of the start up process to know where you are starting from and give us baseline measures from which to celebrate your progress.

Personalised Exercise Program

All members are programmed according to needs (that we identify) and wants (that you describe), not a standard program designed by a Franchisor. We are an independent family owned business capable of programming according to individual needs.

QA Correct Movement Everytime

We are all University Qualified in Exercise Science. When you consider that the average personal trainer is qualified within 6 weeks and then burnt out and out of the industry within 9 months you will know that we are rare in this field. Our quality trainers – said to be the best personal trainers in Brisbane – with university backgrounds, lots of hands-on experience, emotionally intelligent and living fitness and health themselves as a lifetime career. Down to earth and friendly!

Myzone HR Monitor in Studio

Myzone is an accurate exercise tracker that helps you get the most out of your workouts. Our in-studio Myzone live display provides instant effort feedback.

Holistic Approach to Your Health & Fitness

We have a health, fitness and wellness mindset meaning we have a holistic approach because we know it’s not just about lifting weights or running around the block. We have quite a large facility with other allied health practitioners on site including Leisa Feez-Collins of Shockwave Therapy, a unique and scientifically supported method for treating tendon injury as well as Steve Lockhart, a very experienced and effective myotherapist/massage therapist. We are also likely to have other practitioners and instructors including Pilates, Yoga and Chiropractic treatment in the near future.

Holistic Approach to Health and Fitness

Holistic Approach to Your Health & Fitness

We have a health, fitness and wellness mindset meaning we have a holistic approach because we know it’s not just about lifting weights or running around the block. We are interested to get you the results you are after, and to delight you with our approach. So much so that if you’re not a raving fan or if you’re not satisfied in any way in the first 2 weeks, we’ll refund 100% of your fees.

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