2018. Here we go!

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I know a lot of you are already in to it. 2018 is off and running.

For me, it’s the school year starting that really signifies the beginning of the manic, exciting and yes sometimes stressful rollercoaster, that is life for another year. That day in Queensland is today.

So how was your break? Did you get one? I hope you got a chance to slow down a bit and rejuvenate. Importantly, have you planned your next break? This was told to me some time back and I think it is a great strategy. Make sure you have your next holiday booked in whilst still on your current one. It is a psych thing that really works. Not that we should dread our work and be at a point that you feel life only exists outside of it (if that is you it is time for a change of job or career). Hopefully we all love what we do enough that it is more the ‘re-set’ that we are looking for, than the escape. The mental re-set is so important ass are recovery days in your training week. You can’t keep going hard all the time, you have to judiciously mix in hard with easy so your body has a chance to adapt. It is my guess though that it is not the ‘going too hard with exercise’ thing that you need to worry about but the actually ‘getting some in’. My suggestion is to write it down and book it in, just like any important appointment you have in your diary. It is in fact THE most important appointment. You are the driver of your world, if you aren’t right nothing is. So how much is enough? Here is my simple plan. If you haven’t been doing anything for the past year, start with one simple exercise thing a week for the first 4 weeks, then 2 for the next 4 weeks and then 3 etc. etc and so forth. If you make it to 5 as your standard and the occasional miss then you will settle into a nice 3-4 average per week for 2018, which would be a super result for most people. Where the heck do I fit all that in? I hear you cry! This is where you have to find you big fat WHY? You give me a big enough WHY and the HOW will reveal it self. You have to find your own why.

My brother found his.

I caught up with him over Christmas and went for a run. 8 years ago he thought about his future and drew inspiration from seeing an associate who had once been fit become incredibly inactive and over weight. He saw how it affected his life, from the medication to the doctors appointments to the lack of adventure and activity due to his ailments. My brother felt he was heading down the same path and started making some small changes until getting to where he is now at age 58 and an amazing routine of running 16km twice a week, swimming 3km twice a week, running 12km with his wife on Friday’s (who has also done the same thing as him now in turning her life around) and then a pump class on a Saturday morning. And he does all this virtually without missing…. ever except when he is skiiing around the world. He now also eats so well because he found at some point that you really can’t out train the bad diet and besides that, performance suffers if you don’t fuel you body the right way. His motivation was being able to ‘do stuff’ and ‘feel better’. It is easy for me to be proud of my brother because turning things around like that at the age of 50 is big and the breaking of many years of bad habits a massive task that has only led to positives for him and those around him. But as he said, once he had made up his mind it was a matter of just doing it, slowly increasing and then repeating it. Simple huh?

So what about you?

We pride ourselves on helping the 40+ year old who is finally ready to make the change. Why 40+ year olds? I feel that the younger market is fully catered for and you just have to look at the fitness industry marketing to know that. Everyone is young, beautiful and seemingly up for being constantly punished with intricate kettle bell moves, furious battle rope flailing and ninja style box jumping that seem more appropriate for the exponent of parkour. There is no doubt that if you want to take things to the limit in terms of your results then yes, at some point you will be going super hard and hurting through at least some of your sessions each week. But does everyone want to go to extremes? I don’t believe so. Thanks to a Sports Science and Psychology background we can take you as far as you want, but for most, it will be to the hallowed ground of life time healthy habits and for the simple pay back of how it makes you feel.

Start planning (if you haven’t already) then….start doing folks!

p.s. Just as a quick aside: A client said to me that it feels impossible to eat well when you are on the road. Check out Olivers Real Food if you get a chance. There are not hundreds of them but they are starting to pop up where you might find the dreaded McDonalds and KFC along the road from Sydney to Brissie. It is a great alternative to a bucket load of inflammatory trans fats and sugar. You are what you eat!

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