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It is customary to talk about goals at this time of year.

The start of a new year is the time for new beginnings and optimism. Always. I have been watching the tennis and it made me think that  life is very much like it. You get a chance to start at zero (love) every game and every set, just like in January of every year we get to reset and start afresh with a ‘new year’, which in my opinion is awesome. I guess a lot of people get cynical as life goes on and say, “oh it’s the same thing every year, change, resolutions, goals, ……etc.  etc blah blah.” Whilst resolutions can be wild assertions made in a dubious state of mind with questionable intention and resolve, I encourage you not to throw the goal driven baby out with the cynical bath water . We are purpose built by nature. To not have something to aim for is like being a boat with out a rudder drifting aimlessly in an ocean of boredom and malcontent. When we stop being focussed on growth, quite frankly the game is, if not over already, very close to it. We all know people who feel there is nothing left to learn and who have got lazy in their thinking and their actions. Avoid these people because they will drag you down. Be that pain in the backside  always seeing the positive side and jumping out of your skin at the chance to do something new.

Holidays are the time to do a bit of drifting and a great time to mentally prepare for new adventures ahead. You simply must have ‘things’ that you do in your life and they don’t always have to be life shattering nor massive  undertakings. There was a study done on giving elderly people in a nursing home the chance to have more control over their existence by giving them a plant to care for. This basic activity had statistically significantly positive effects on health and well being in a way they experimenters did not expect. Extrapolate this out and understand that the person who gets up each day and acts with purpose is going to live a happier and more fulfilling life – no question. Couple this habit with an exercise addiction built around social interaction and you have the sure fire recipe for an improved life on so many levels.

What are your health goals for 2014 and what is or are your ‘things’? I would love to hear.


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