5 things successful life-time exercisers do….

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5 things successful “life-time” exercisers do…

The goal we have for all those who come in to contact with us for help, is to assist them in becoming life time converts to the regular exercise gig. We also aim at helping them improve overall health but today let’s talk habits of the chosen few, who have made their fall back position, a good solid workout. Just to be clear, when I say “solid”, I don’t mean punishing or exhausting, I mean purposeful, effective and appropriate.

This brings me to the start of my list.

No. 1

They listen to and are fully attuned to their body. They know when to push out a more intense session and when to bring it back a little and just enjoy the act of doing something active, even if it is the gentle movement of Tai Chi or a leisurely stroll.

No. 2

They know how to choose what works for their own specific limitations. For example, I have successful clients who know that running is not their thing after many damaging footy games in their younger years. They have learned how to get a good cardiovascular workout in the pool or riding a bike.

No. 3

They tap in to a known habit from another area in their life, that ensures they keep on with the regular exercise routine. For example, I have very busy and structured executives who would never miss a business appointment because it would be unprofessional. They use this ingrained behaviour pattern for their own appointments with themselves in the gym. If it is in the book, it simply happens!

No. 4

They have conditioned the important people in their lives to understand that an exercise date is as critical to their existence as oxygen and that priorities are priorities. When they have successfully instilled this expectation they have often also influenced those important people to do the same. It is not a coincidence that people who exercise regularly are happier and have better relationships. Spread the love is what I say!

No. 5

They keep things interesting by trying different things and because quite often they are fit and capable, so many more options are available for an adventurous life. It might be paddling in the Arctic circle, or diving on the Great Barrier Reef or cycling through France from Winery to Winery (it’s not all about exercise!).

Hopefully this has given you some inspiration if you are already exercising to keep going until it is your fully dialed-in habit or if you are still ‘thinking’ about it, some extra motivation to get off the couch and start making it happen.

The biggest hurdle that the majority of people face is the dreaded procrastination. Just remember literally years and even decades can go by whilst you ‘think about it’, which leads to the kind of regret that I am sure no body wants.

Take action!

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